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SHEW-ESTEEL PIPE is a subsidiary of LINKUN GROUP ,Website:,established in 2008 and in charge of international business. We have more than 8 years experience in manufacturing and exporting Hydraulic honed tubes and precision tubes,All our products are manufactured by latest manufacturing techniques with machines and equipment which fitted highest technology, in order to provide the manufacturing of products in full conformity with international standards with high quality materials in production in line with its carefully set policies for sustainable quality. Our Pipe and Tube Manufacturing Process: 1.Honed Cold drawn and Hot Rolled Roll Finishing 1.Improve the surface roughness, roughness can achieve basic Ra 0.08 ?micro; M. 2. Correct roundness, ovality ? 0.01 mm . 3.Improve the surface hardness, eliminate the stress deformation, hardness HV> 4 ? 4. Processing after the residual stress layer, and improve the fatigue strength increased by 30%. 5. Improve the quality of cooperation, reduce wear and prolong the service life of the parts and machining cost but lower instead. 4.Precision Cold Rolled and Cold drawn Seamless steel tube with high precision, high brightness 1. The outer diameter smaller. 2. High precision to do small batch production. 3. Cold drawn finished products of high precision, good surface quality. 4. The steel pipe transverse area is more complex. 5. Steel pipe is superior performance, dense metal.
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